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Body Therapy

Designed to help you enter a state of tranquillity by encouraging the body to relax and unwind. Reveal new healthy skin by exfoliate dead skin away; strengthen the skin's elasticity and replenishing moisture loss with our thermal body therapy.

At Holistic Health our body therapy is about using key ingredients of organic enzymes, extracts and native botanicals to help nourish and transform your skin. Our skin being the largest organ and most often forgotten into a state of soft, supple and hydrated skin.

Suited to both Men & Women

Full Body Glow & Hydration

Island Escape Body Glow - $99

Relax and restore your skins radiant glow; enriched with coconut milk & sugar cane harvested from the sun drench plantations of Fiji infused with herbal plants and exotic tropical oils nourish with vitamin A, B, C & E are deeply exfoliated into your skin and warming jet stream shower to create the ultimate healthy radiant glow.


Island Escape Body Glow + Moisture Massage - $143

Refine your skin and invigorate your body with our indulgent full body exfoliation ritual, a warming jet stream shower and full body application with our deeply hydrating nourishing creams and organic oils leaves your skin toned, balanced and luminous.


Sea Remineralise Body Boost - $147

Naturally derived from the sea, pure and bursting with 96 minerals, trace elements and essential oils are deeply exfoliated onto the skin to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Hydrate with a warming jet stream shower and a full body application with our deeply hydrating nourishing creams and organic oils to bring your skin back into balance.


Mana’ia Man Body Buff & Polish - $143

Deeply cleanse ingrained dirt with mana’ia buffing scrub with our full body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. A warming jet stream shower to revive and hydrate. This perfectly blended treatment will have your skin feeling silky smooth whilst boosting and stimulating the body’s circulation.

Massage Salts
Back Massage
Mud Treatment

Thermal Body Therapy

Thermal Hydration Body Wrap $143

Relax and renew your mind and body with our divine full body exfoliation and thermal hydration body wrap. This warming and deeply enriching therapy revives tired skin and deeply hydrates. A nourishing hydration scalp massage, then followed by full body hydrating moisture massage of body crème.


Body Enzyme Treatment $179

Nourish the skin, stimulate your lymphatic system and improve skin elasticity with natural active enzymes of Pawpaw, Pineapple & Manuka Honey. Active enzymes and vitamins in this body enzyme will gently exfoliate, infuse your skin with hydration and leaving skin feeling smooth, hydrated and with a youthful glow.


Vitamin C Body Treatment $179

Supercharged with A-list superstar pure natural Vitamin C extracts to deeply nourish, brighten and provide antioxidant protection. Vitamin C powerhouses are rich in antioxidants to help strengthening collagen and protecting skin while dramatically increasing luminosity and radiance.


Detox and Remineralise - $299

This high-performing treatment detoxifies, rehydrates and re-mineralises. Your body is exfoliated then covered with a rich blend of over 96 minerals and trace elements, natural and organic from the earth & sea. Float away while your body detoxifies and the rich minerals absorb into your skin. Unveil and immerse in a warming jet steam shower and full body application with our deeply hydrating body crème leaves your skin remineralised, nourished and luminous.


Benefits of Body Therapy


Some Key Benefits are

* Help to remove toxins from the body

* Exfoliating away dead, dry surface skin cells

* Delivering nutrients and hydration to your skin surface and beneath

* Improving and promoting blood circulation to the skin surface  

* Strengthening connective tissue and promote a smoother, more radiant and even skin texture.

* Helping skincare to penetrate deeper and enhance absorption  

* Unclogging your pores and help draw out any ingrown hairs

* Preventing breakouts and deeply cleansing your skin

* smoothe and more even skin tone

* Help improve and reduce joint and muscle pain

this helps you to relax your body and mind and increase self-confidence.

Massage Therapy


From our lovely clients and their testimonials, thank you for letting us spoil you, educate and empower.

Shoulder Massage
"My daughter gave me a float voucher for Mother’s Day . It was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I found it to be extremely relaxing and very therapeutic. I left feeling like I had slept for 10 hrs"

Nicole - Pamper Retreat


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