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Face Massage

Organic Facials

Boost your Results! Bring back the Glow! and Feed your face!


Our products and services are scientifically proven to combat visible signs of skin ageing with bio-active ingredients to target various skin concerns ranging from sensitivity through to acne and congestion, pigmentation, premature ageing and more.

One of the most important keys to beautiful complexion is choosing the right facial product that works for your unique needs. Here at Holistic Health Float & Wellness Centre we only use all-natural, organic products for our facials. Our organic skin products are produced without any harsh chemicals or preservatives that can be harmful to your skin.

Simply book an Initial Skin Analysis online or by calling 0447048454 to take the first step on your journey to your healthiest skin yet…


Facial Treatment

Holistic Signature Facials

Initial Skin Analysis with a Mini Facial only $69

Not sure what type of skin you have? or what type of treatment best suits you? We are here to help you on your journey to your healthiest skin yet! This treatment will consist of a skin analysis where our therapists will thoroughly assess your skin and help you achieve your future skin goals. Using our award winning and organic products, our team will give you a mini facial like no other. This treatment will help you understand your skin type and the pathway best suited to you.


Organic Express Facial $79 

Tailored to all skin types, this relaxing treatment is the best quick pick me up after a stressful week. Using our natural and organic product ranges, experience a thoroughly cleansed face, exfoliation, facial massage, hydrating serums and moisturiser. Creating the perfect hydrated and refreshed skin after a long busy week.


Organic Holistic Facial $139 

This treatment tailors to all skin types and is the perfect way to experience deep relaxation and unwind. Within this treatment our organic, natural and award-winning skincare ranges will be used to digest superficial impurities and dead skin cells to brighten and rehydrate your skin further leaving you feeling young, lighter and improving the appearance of your skin. This is a traditional facial incorporating double cleanse, exfoliation, ph balancing toner, facial massage, masque, eye products, serums and moisturisers. Plus bonus neck, scalp, feet and hands moisture massage.  

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Back Massage
Facial Treatment

Advanced Express Facials

We offer a range of professional-only treatment modalities to boost your results beyond what can be accomplished by topical application of products alone to give you the best possible results within your skin.


Express Collagen Infusion Facial $89 

Feed your face with a superior blend of collagen plant actives to bring the glow back to dull and tired looking skin.  Finger Lime, Kakadu and Davidson Plum work synergistically to supercharge collagen synthesis, protecting against elastin degradation for a complexion that is smooth and plump. Then we supercharge our facial with our infusion machine that increases the absorption of collagen by 1000x greater than applying manually. Feel the affects before and after your facial!


Diamond 5-Step Express Facial $69 

Our 5-step tailored microdermabrasion treatment gently exfoliates and removed the top dead skin cells that clog and congest the skin surface. Blood flow is increased to the surface and better absorption of products is followed with increases moisture levels to plump up the skin, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing.


Phototherapy Express

Our Phototherapy device is clinically proven to boost not only the production of collagen and elastin for ageing skin but also calm and heal inflammatory skin conditions, treat pigmentation and kill acne-causing bacteria. This treatment will help naturally improve your skin concerns and leave you feeling, hydrated, relaxed and brighter. 

Package Deals: 4 sessions for $299 



Advanced Facials

Collagen Infusion Facial $159

Visibly reduce the signs of premature ageing leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and feeling instantly tighter and firmer. Bring the glow back to dull and tired looking skin with this superior blend of 100% bio-actives, to promote firmer skin and prevent the visible signs of ageing. Increase absorption of active ingredients up to 1000x greater than if applied manually further boosting collagen production by up to 400% with this advanced anti-ageing facial.

Diamond Natural Vitamin Infusion $179

Supercharge your routine by improving skin structure and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This full facial treatment is the perfect combination of deep microdermabrasion exfoliation plus our natural vitamin cocktail infusion to renew damaged and premature skin tone. Incorporating our advanced diamond microdermabrasion to deeply exfoliate the skin further removing dead skin cells, clear blackheads and reduce congestion. Plus our Natural Vitamin cocktail Infusion incorporating Vitamin A, C & E which all help to rejuvenate and fights wrinkles, dullness and acne.

Detox Facial $149

For those with oily/combination, congested and breakout-prone skin; this advanced results-driven facial is designed to clear and purify with pure botanical extracts combined with professional treatment modalities chosen for your unique skin concerns. Perfect to fight acne-causing bacteria, clear congestion, improve circulation of blood and lymph and give skin a radiant glow.



From our lovely clients and their testimonials, thank you for letting us spoil you, educate and empower.

Shoulder Massage
"My daughter gave me a float voucher for Mother’s Day . It was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I found it to be extremely relaxing and very therapeutic. I left feeling like I had slept for 10 hrs"

Nicole - Pamper Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why Book a consult?

We recommend booking in for a Holistic Facial Consult before or with your first facial treatment. So we can see what is happening on the surface and deeper within your skin to give you the best products and cater to your skin concerns and guide you with your skin journey.


Will i feel and see results after one treatment?

If you aren’t already a client of our clinic for another modality we offer, one of our team will undertake an initial assessment and facial. Most clients feel results after their first treatment and can not believe it. 

All of our clients report feeling different after the first session. Their goals then determine how often and for how long they utilise the service. 

What should I experience after my facial?

You will leave your service feeling hydrated and relaxed and your skin will look healthy and glowing. If your appointment is later in the day we typically prepare your skin for night and no cleansing is necessary before bed. If your service is completed early in the day protection products can be applied and cleansing before bed will be recommended. 

What is the difference between Holistic Signature Facials and Advance Facials?

Our signature facials are our traditional relaxing facials whereas our advance facials are incorporating professional-only machines to enhance and boost your results beyond what can be applied topically.

Should I have a facial before an important event?

Absolutely! Your skin will look healthy and glowing directly after your service.

Can I wear makeup to my appointment?

Of course! A deep cleansing service is always provided and will remove any dirt, oil or debris from your skin.  

Should I Avoid Cosmetics After my facial?

No. If you have an event or just feel more comfortable wearing foundation feel free to apply as normal. Just make sure to remove it at the end of the day! 

Should I have a facial if I have sensitive skin?

Yes. There are many factors involved in sensitive skin and sometimes a facial service can help determine through diagnosis what you can do at home to both offer relief for you current state as well as prevent your condition from worsening.  

Should I have a facial if I'm Pregnant?

Yes. Facials during pregnancy are especially important during pregnancy for many reasons. Your skin can be reflective of the hormonal changes occurring within your body and having regular services can help alleviate some of the symptoms( i.e. breakout, increased redness and sensitivity) when your usual products may be off-limits. Facials can also be a wonderful relaxation tool which can keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.


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