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Lymphatic Drainage

Our lymphatic drainage suit effectively drains your lymphatic fluid in a gentle sequence from fingers and toes to abdominal. This physical stimulation helps to rapidly speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from a sluggish lymphatic system, significantly boosting your immune system.


It is important moving the lymph fluid so that your organs can effectively remove the toxins, this provides deep relaxation and helps relieve symptoms of anxiety depression, insomnia, visible decreases skin puffiness, Improved circulation and more. Faster regeneration and healing of burns and scars. Even when the treatment has finished your Lymphatic drainage treatment will continue to revitalise your body leaving you feel more energized

Why have Lymphatic Drainage?

Due to various factors sometimes, the lymphatic system struggles to drain fluid from the tissues properly. The lymphatic system can also become damaged due to surgery, accident, illness or infection. Other factors such as lifestyle choices, diet and exercise can also affect the functioning of this important system.


Lymphatic Drainage is a specialised body treatment that encourages the flow of lymph, enhancing the body’s ability to recover and function naturally. This technique helps eliminate metabolic wastes, boosts the immune system, and stimulates the parasympathetic relaxation response. 


Lymphatic drainage can help these fluids move up to 10-15 times faster which can speed up the recovery time of illness, tissue injury, and chronic condition flare-ups. Lymphatic drainage also stimulates the formation of white blood cells which are very important for the immune system.

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Lymphatic Drainage Benefits

* Loose Weight and Excess Fluid

* Improve Fatigue and boost energy

* Help improve immunity

* Help your body recover from colds, flu or sickness

* Decrease inflammation in joints

* Decrease swollen glands and puffiness

* Clear Frequent Headaches & Sinus infections

* Improve skin issues, such as dry, itchy or tight taught skin

* Help decrease bloating and gut health issues

* Help decrease fluid retention 


and so much more!



Lymphatic Drainage – Initial $119

Lymphatic Drainage – Follow Up $115

Lymphatic Drainage + Mini Facial - $149

Lymphatic Drainage + Scalp Massage & Hair Hydration Mask $149


Kick start your lymphatic drainage sessions with our packages:

 4 Sessions for $393


6 Sessions for $597



From our lovely clients and their testimonials, thank you for letting us spoil you, educate and empower.

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"My daughter gave me a float voucher for Mother’s Day . It was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I found it to be extremely relaxing and very therapeutic. I left feeling like I had slept for 10 hrs"

Nicole - Pamper Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lymphatic Drainage beneficial for me?

Lymph is sometimes called the body's garbage collector, picking up waste and harmful pathogens and preparing them for removal from the body. Having lymphatic drainage helps improves immune function and promotes healing.


Lymphatic drainage can help these fluids move 10-15 times faster which can speed the recovery time of illness, tissue injury, and chronic condition flare-ups. Lymphatic drainage also stimulates the formation of white blood cells which are very important for the immune system.

How often should I get a lymphatic drainage?

For best results it is recommended to complete a series of three treatments reasonably close together to help kick start the drainage effect. Roughly three treatments over one week to 12 days is ideal.


As with any treatment plan, the frequency of appointments truly depends on what your goal and physical condition is. Goals can include decreased swelling and pain and/or improved immunity and well-being. In these cases, the frequency of lymphatic massage recommended can range from bi-weekly, once a week, bi-monthly and farther apart once treatment has reached the maintenance phase.


For individuals who are active on a daily basis, it can be helpful to receive monthly lymphatic drainage treatments as a preventative measure for strong immunity.​

When is a lymphatic drainage not recommended:



Acute inflammation,

Blood clots

Untreated Congestive Heart Failure

Malignant cancers or undiagnosed lumps/tumors


Please advise us if you are on blood thinning medication

​ This treatment is deeply relaxing, however experiences may vary from person to person - some of our clients feel very lethargic and tired afterwards and want to go straight to bed, while others feel quite energized for days.


So please drink plenty of water before and after your treatment to help your body eliminate fluid and waste.


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